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  • Hi,

    Yesterday I started modifying the TABITEM for the first time because I wanted to do make it looks like SAP
    Well, let me tell you that when you don't know how things work, its a pain to do it.

    There's a lot of things I really don't understand in Blend 3.

    When I edit a copy of the TABITEM template, there's a lot of things in there and I probably don't need them but let starts by something simple
    I changed the RECTANGLE for a PATH so I can make one corner at angle.  I succeeded yes but then I had to move the HeaderTopSelected
    a bit to the right since it was going outside with the angled corner, then when I returned to see what it looks like.  Oh My God nothing seems to work
    with the other tab.  First when I did transform the rectangle in path, it took the entire space of the TABCONTROL so I resized the path to what it was
    before when it was a rectangle.  Until there it's ok but then, the content inside a few borders and grid, didn't work well, I mean I'm even unable to resize the path and make it fit it's parent because each time I was trying to resize it to fit, the parent was growing and I did looke for any margin but then again another problem.  When chaning margins of the parent, it was going nuts like very fast and nothing seemed easy so I did let my path just a bit smaller and I forgot about it.  You see it's all kind of tricky things like this that made my work VERY HARD just to modify the template of the TABITEM

    And talking about the other tabitem, there's a lot of STATES which even tought I selected them I saw absolutely nothing like if the states weren't working when editing a template which doesn't help at all to see what's going on when you modify something.

    Now there are those PARTS I don't really understand and I tried to F1 on this and I found nothing to explain to me what it is and what to do with those actually in place for the TABITEM

    All in all, there's really nothing easy to modify a template.  What can I do to make my life easier with editing a template like this ?
    Friday, August 14, 2009 10:24 AM