PTMergeAndValidatePrintTicket -- OS call getting more time in V4 printer driver than V3 printer driver RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    While doing profiling my code base of V3 printer driver and V4 printer driver separately, I found PTMergeAndValidatePrintTicket(), which is a OS call, is taking more time in case of V4 printer driver.

    HRESULT WINAPI PTMergeAndValidatePrintTicket(

                _In_            HPTPROVIDER        hProvider,

                _In_            IStream           *pBaseTicket,

                _In_opt_        IStream           *pDeltaTicket,

                _In_            EPrintTicketScope  scope,

                _Inout_         IStream           *pResultTicket,

                _Out_opt_       BSTR              *pbstrErrorMessage


    In V3 printer driver, when this API is called from different filters it takes around 0.16 secs each time. Where as in case of V4 printer driver, it takes around 0.48 secs. Now my question is why this difference happens ? Is this call implemented differently for V3 and V4 Printer driver in OS? Is these time difference expected from OS?

    Sunday, June 1, 2014 12:58 AM