How to Access Data in Azure Data Lake Analytics(ADLA) from Secured Blob Storage


  • Hi, 

    Our data is in blob storage, which is secured in a Virtual network along with couple of IP addresses for Admin. 

    We want to load data from the blob to ADLA.

    I made an attempt to Add Source to ADLA account and I get this error. 

    InvalidArgument: The Storage account 'zzzz' or its accessKey is invalid.

    If I set the blob storage firewall setting to All Network then I can link the storage to ADLA. But we dont want to open up access to all networks as it is not safe and just with the access key others can reach data. 

    How I can access data securely in ADLA from Blob Storage?

    How can I authenticate ADLA in Blob Storage? Is the any endpoints for ADLA we have to enable?



    Saturday, July 14, 2018 1:52 PM

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  • No, when firewall is turned ON for azure blob storage, it only supports few services as mentioned in this document. Unfortunately azure data lake analytics is not one of the services, So I don’t think you will be able to access blob storage from adla when the firewall is ON. I have reached out to product team, I will update this thread if i get more information than the above.
    Tuesday, July 24, 2018 7:17 PM