I can't return any data from my Azure Database to my Mobile App RRS feed

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  • I am creating a mobile app using Visual Studio and Xamarin Forms.  I have an Azure Database and an Azure Mobile App Service for conencting to the database.  I have everything set up but when I actually query my api via Postman and also the app itself it returns no results.  I looked at the database on azure and it can see data there but it just isn't returning it.

    I use the following URL: https://myside.azurewbesites.net/tables/users?ZUMO-API-VERSION=2.0.0

    I have to have the ZUMO api declated or it won't query anything.  When I perform a GET on that url it returns nothing.  Are there any steps when setting up a Azure database table that I need to complete to ensure data can be retrieved?

    I downloaded both the projects from the quickstart blade in my MobileApp and ensured there was a connection string there that was valid.  All seems well and I CAN get data to my app from the TodoItem but just not my own tables.  I have created my tables using EasyTables within my mobile app to expose them to ZUMO but its not helped.

    Can anyone assist?


    Monday, February 27, 2017 4:34 PM