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  • Apple has impacted how we think of technology by focusing extensively on how we interact with technology. Windows 8 should take the lessons proven by Apple even farther.



    Multitouch is quickly becoming a standard method, like the mouse, of how we control computers. Up to this point however multitouch has been limited to tablets and touch screens. Windows 8 needs multimouse architecture built into the OS so individual developers can create custom drivers for the next generation of control devices. A group for example plugs the Kinect bar into Win7 so people can use just their hand as a mouse. (http://www.evoluce.com/en/index.php see also Kinect for Windows SDK Beta) Unfortunately only one hand can be used at a time. Win7 can not support multiple mice to use two hands at once. Windows Multipoint (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/multipoint/) is available and allows dozens of simultaneous mice but its a package designed for schools not individual users and software to handle multiple cursors is limited. Some people are even beginning to write code to combine these two trying to get the Minority Report experience. Others are designing mice with a multiple LEDs in a glove style to pinch ect. like an iPad on your physical desk top. Or a non-screen multi-touch "mouse pad."

    Who knows what the next control device to take hold will be, but if the multi-cursor infrastructure for developers' drivers isn't in place, Win8 could feel antiquated by the time its released. If its first to market it could be one of the major selling points for users to upgrade from Win7.


    Windows Siri

    Lets use a working title of Wiri but there are thousands of better names. Wiri- a Win8 desktop Siri could revolutionize computing by taking a good idea further. Technology has vastly multiplied our ability to connect to others while simultaneously distancing us from being able to connect with others. Facebook has created a new taboo where if you aren't super socialized you are by default somehow deficient. You don't advertise having an empty slot in your calendar anymore. "Does anyone want to hang out" means you are not hanging out at this very moment and are therefore the only loner on the entire planet. People still send out the blanket text message but its becoming increasingly disastrous to your perceived reputation. More and more people can't take off their public face and slowly the public faces is becoming more important. People are retreating and becoming more reclusive the more we are connected. 

    How can Win8 and Wiri, pure technology, bring us closer together. Well in addition to asking your desktop Wiri to find you a restaurant for tonight, update your calendar, or perform a Bing search; you could also tell your Wiri that you are bored or lonely or a dozen other emotions whose cure is people and friends. Your Wiri can talk to your friend Dan's Wiri. You randomly get asked how you are doing by your Wiri and if you are not busy, your Wiri suggests you should give Dan, Lucy, and/or Bob a call to hang out. You have no idea where this suggestion came from. Dan could have been working on a project all day or got a promotion and wants to celebrate. You have no idea. All you know is there is a good chance if you give Dan a call, you are bored and he wants to hang out. 

    Incredibly important to this system would be the social firewall. Never is the motivation for your request sent encrypted or not. You can never talk to Dan's Wiri. That's Dan's Wiri not yours. And you definitely can never, in any form talk to Dan through your Wiris. That will drive social separation rampant and likely cause a Wiri backlash. That is the opposite direction of where this should go. 

    Other things Wiris may do?

    The Social Network- With a commanding market share, windows has a way to take control of the social network enterprise. Wiri knows all your friends by real name you call them, MAC address, and computer user name. Toss in a decentralized torrent style IP address tracking system and you have a mobile net as big as facebook except you have a voice on every desktop to passively assist in constructing the first non-profile oriented social network. Keep in mind however that your Wiri can send a notification or an e-mail for you to a friend but your Wiri will never interrupt you to read it to you or tell you its there. No person-Wiri-Wiri-person connecting. Person-Wiri-email-person perfectly fine. Person-Wiri-email-silent you have mail icon on desktop-person... still fine. Wiri squawking social media crap at me while I'm trying to do work- kill Wiri virus storm, flood back to Win7, you name it.

    If Wiri tries to sell me something, tell me something about what my friends are doing, or do anything other than help me and occasionally give me a polite suggestion I will find a way to burn a hole in the operating system to get rid of it. Also a quick and easy off button is an absolute must have. Not being able to mute Wiri, turn off Wiri, and uninstall Wiri is the type of thing that will drive people insane. But definitely ship wiri. There are too many indirect ways of making money from Wiri not to go for it.

    Plus I want Wiri but give it a different name. JARVIS is better. Actually call it something catchy but let people rename it to call it whatever they want. Like Woodhouse, Alfred, Smithers, Watson, Lurch...     

    Webcam-If the mic you are using is on a webcam allow Wiri to see you. Reading your facial expression could be valuable information in how Wiri interacts with you. And if someone else is also using your user name on your computer, customize interactions to members of the family or users of the work station. Or log out of the account if no one else is supposed to be on. "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." lolz

    Refine web search-

    User:"Wiri look up X"   Wiri loads the top three pages.  

    Wiri:"Is what you were looking for?"

    User:"Not even close"

    Wiri: Loads new pages "Are these better?"

    User:"More like the middle one"

    Wiris can talk to other Wiris and suddenly factors that can't be typed in a search bar improves search with a conversation via the user modified neural network. A search engine could include clickable icons but no one would fill out the type of detailed lengthy questionnaire thats possible to interpret from 2 seconds of spoken word. Millions of users refine the search system and everyone feels like they have a personal assistant and a librarian.

    Wiri-with a proper name should become a thread all its own



    Two screens are great but more people have collected monitors over the years and want more native support. I have a system from digitaltigers.com with 4 HD flatscreens I call TARDIS because it feels bigger on the inside. Most people won't want that extreme but as popular as dual-screen is becoming the option to go further will pull more people in the multiscreen direction. Even with normal size screens I've seen multiscreen envy go viral in social circles. Making it plug and play by incorperating Digital Tigers software options into the core OS seems like it would improve the user experience when people realize they want it. Pair with Win8 native multipoint and individual use variations make Win8 far more exciting.  


    Saturday, December 3, 2011 1:56 AM