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  • Hi there.

    I am new to Linq and I am trying to write a linq statement that gives me the correct record with a max(RunDate). Here are my 2 tables:

    Table 1 - PersonContactInfo

    - PersonContactInfoId
    - LastName
    - FirstName

    Table 2 - Report_Hist
    - ReportHistId
    - ReportFor_PersonContactInfoId (FK back to PersonContactInfoId)
    - FilePath

    When a report is run for a particular person, a new record is added into the Report_Hist table that stores the FilePath of the newly created report. What I want is a linq statement that gives me back the PersonContactInfo data and the Report_Hist data for the given person with the max(RunDate). Also, the linq statement must be able to handle the fact that there may not be a corresponding record in Report_Hist.

    Here is what I have so far which gets me the correct data, but I need more related elements:




    p in PersonContactInfo
    join r in Report_Hists on p.PersonContactInfoId equals r.ReportFor_PersonContactInfoId
    group new { p, r }
    by new { p.PersonContactInfoId} into combined
    select new
            MaxRunDate = combined.Max(t => t.r.RunDate)




    I need r.FilePath, p.LastName etc, but I cannot figure out how to get those from the select statement.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike


    My sql query would look osmething like this:



    pci.PersonId, r.RunDate, r.FilePath from PersonContactInfo pci left outer join

    Report_Hist r

    on pci.PersonContactInfoId = r.ReportFor_PersonContactInfoId join







    max(r.RunDate) as LastRunDate


    from PersonContactInfo p left outer join Report_Hist r on


    .PersonContactInfoId = r.ReportFor_PersonContactInfoId


    group by p.PersonContactInfoId) sub on pci.PersonContactInfoId = sub.PersonContactInfoId and (r.RunDate = sub.LastRunDate or r.RunDate is null)

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009 9:41 PM


  • Hi

    Try this

    var jQuery = from pc in PersonContactInfo
        join r in Report_Hist on pc.PersonContactInfoId
        equals r.ReportFor_PersonContactInfoId into pcrJoin
        from pci in pcrJoin.DefaultIfEmpty()
        select new 
         Id = pcrJoin.Key, 
    var gQuery = from p in jQuery 
                 group p.RunDate by p.Id into pGroup
                 select new { Id = pGroup.Key, LastRunDate = pGroupMax };
    var finalQuery = from p1 in jQuery
                     join p2 in gQuery on p1.Id equals p2.Id
                     where p1.RunDate == null || p1.RunDat == p2.LastRunDate
                     select p1
    The query will be sent to SQL server when you say finalQuery.ToList(). So it will execute in single batch processing

    Thanks and Regards,

    Vijay Pandurangan
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