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  • Is it possible to create a custom solution template wizard? If so, how?

    To provide some context, I need to customize the solution creation process by which steps such as source control branching must occur before the solution is created.  I am NOT trying to create a multi-project solution (which I know how to do). In addition to the precreation steps, I need fine control over when and where the solution (*.sln) is created on disk.

    I've had partial success using a project template wizard, but I'm really fighting Visual Studio because those wizards are intended for projects and items, not solutions. I've considered creating a package which adds a custom menu to kick-off the process, but I'd rather have it be via the "New Project" dialog to retain fidelity with the standard developer experience.

    The process is effectively:

    1. Collect information about the new solution such as name
    2. Select a local working directory
    3. Branch baseline for solution (by policy). The SCC information would be passed via the template wizard data.
    4. Map branch to selected local working directory
    5. Pull latest bits
    6. Run local build environment initialization (from pulled bits)
    7. Create solution under local working directory
    8. Add solution to source control
    9. Open the solution

    I know how to build and execute all the steps, I just can't get it integrated into Visual Studio the way I want.  The experience should be File -> New Project -> New "My Team Solution".

    Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated.

    Monday, September 29, 2014 5:45 PM