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  • I love that the Samsung tablet has support of a digitizing stylus as well as touch screen.  Onenote is an amazing tool to take notes with.  I would like Windows 8 to allow me to disable the touch screen temporarily while I am using the stylus.  Consider this scenario:  a user is in OneNote taking notes with the stylus.  The stylus is a very precise instrument, and it mimicks a real pen.  When people are writing, they plant their hand on the writing surface and manipulate the pen/stylus with their finger.  This laptop supports both touch and stylus with the consequence that the touch sensitivity of the tablet causes unintended actions for the user when they place their hand on the computer to write with the stylus.  There should be a mechanism that allows the user to quickly place the tablet in stylus-only mode so that the tablet is not touch sensitive.  This should be something that can be enabled/disabled very quickly.  An alternate is that if the digitizer senses the styus in range of the screen, it could automatically disable the touch sensors until the stylus is moved away from the screen (plus a small delay).

    This suggestion will improve the usability of Windows 8 and particularly the tablet experience that is equipped with a stylus and a touch screen.

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    Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:48 PM