Suggestion: Keyboard Media Controls not waking up display on Win 8

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  • I have a Microsoft digital media keyboard 3000 and as many other keyboards has some Media Controls.

    Many times I use my computer to listen to music in which case after some time the display is going to power save mode and turns off. Once in a while there is for example a song playing I don't like, a phone ringing I wish to answer and in each case I press next or mute on my keyboard to... skip a song or mute accordingly. I would like to see an option in which the display would remain on power save mode on such key presses (like play/pause, previous, next, stop, volume up&down, mute, etc) or at least turn on to display the song played by the whichever player or a notification like the volume meter and then after a few seconds turned off again (unless considered harmful to the LCDs if repeated in short intervals)

    Would you consider this feature helpful?

    Also... how can I suggest this to the dev team?

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  • I have the MS Digital Media Pro keyboard, Intellitype (Model 1031). When I installed W8DP, it automatically downloaded the DM keyboard app, configured just fine and installed the shortcut on the Start Menu. All my function keys work just fine.


    It will not work running W8DP in Virtual box, not on my standalone boot disc/system it recognizes it just fine.


    Have you tried plug and play insertion after you installed to see if it picks up the new hardware?



    Thursday, February 2, 2012 5:20 PM
  • No I have not installed nor I use IntelliType in general, tried it, but I don't need it, after all your reply is irrelevant to my suggestion which focuses to the point that when pressing a media key  (like play/pause, previous, next, stop, volume up&down, mute) when listening to music on any player (WMP, Winamp, Foobar, etc.) and when the screen is on power save mode it would preferably not activate the screen when pressing any of the "media keys" or give the option to re-enter power save mode after a short while and not waiting the whole amount of time the user specified in the power options plan by understanding the users move, for example if the user added something to his playlist, then didn't use the keyboard and mouse for a minute the screen could then return back to power save mode.

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