Stream analytics is not giving output in Blob Storage when Input is in Data Stream with Blob Storage RRS feed

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  • Our scenario is as follows,

    Steps we followed:

    1. Created Azure Storage container with one Blob Block of size (3MB, 690MB,1.3GB,2.9GB) of file type .json, .csv, .bak.
    2. Created stream Analytics instance with input as Data Stream in which we have selected Blob Storage created above, in details we specified the container which already have Blob Block.
    3. Create output as Blob Storage and for output created new blob container.
    4. Defined a simple select query with Input and Output name.
    5. Run the Stream Analytics Job.


    No blob block in output Blob Container.

    Expected Output:

    Expecting the streamed output into specified Output Blob Container.

    Also want to know which type files stream analytics expect as an input in Blob Container.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 5:30 AM


  • Hi,

    Azure stream analytics supports Json, Avro and csv as input formats.

    You can select the input format when you defined the input in portal.

    Can you please check the following?

    1. Input format selected while create the input matches the actual file formats in blob container
    2. Files are valid.
    3. If the Query is not using a "Timestamp by" statement, make sure that Last modified time of blob is within the range that you are processing. Stream analytics uses last modified time as the event time in blob's case.

    Once you verify above steps, please retry and if you still hit the issue, check if there are any operation logs related indicating any problem.

    Friday, October 30, 2015 6:29 PM