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  • HI GUYS, about the pass Windows::Foundation::Collections::IVector from WinRT conponent to the Windows store app.


       in my c++ WinRT conponent i just want to pass Windows::Foundation::Collections::IVector to the caller. the following is a fragment of my code

    namespace  MyDevice {

    public value struct ADDEVICE_CHIP_INFO
    Platform::String^ ChipDesc;  // Contains description of chip. 
    Windows::Foundation::Collections::IVector<Platform::String^> ^VoltageList; // Contains information about supporting input voltage list. 


         public ref class ADDevice sealed



                    String^ m_Id;
                    ComPtr<IDeviceIoControl> m_DeviceIoControl;              

    ADDevice(__in IDeviceIoControl* DeviceControl, __in String^ Id);
                    ~ ADDevice ();


            static String^ GetDeviceSelector();

            static ADDevice^ FromId(__in String^ InterfacePath);

             property ADDEVICE_CHIP_INFO ChipInfo       
    ADDEVICE_CHIP_INFO get();  //return the struct which contain the information of the device 



     //other classed


     when i compile the project i got an error C3992:"VoltageList":Singnature of public member contains invalid type:Windows::Foundation::Collections::IVector<T> ^

    how can i fix it,please give me some hint..thank you 

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 11:19 AM


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