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  • Hello All,

    I am having requirement as below.

    1. In Sharepoint 2010, i have one list which stores location and second Calendar list which stores the Date and time along with the Location details which are booked on particulare date and time slot. The Sharepoint part of booking of Location works well.

    2. I have requirement of Outlook Integration , which is as below, 

    1. User open the Outlook to create a new Meeting Request or Appointment.
    2. When he select new Meeting/Appointment,the outlook page will opens.
    In the Meeting/Appointment page, there will be two customization (enabled by installing the Add-in): (1) In the LOCATION we have to provide the values from a sharepoint List so that he can select the location of the meeting. (2) After filling other paramerters (start date, end date, time & location), he will clicks on the Custom button CHECK AVALIABILITY. This button should check the Availability in Sharepoint list and if location available for that duration, it should book the location and the Sharepoint database and outlook both should be updated accordingly.

    Can you give me technical guidance of the above mentioned requirement, If any code snippet or sample of similar functionality, please provide me, Just for your information, i am aware how to build add-In, What i am not sure is how to fetch the data from sharepoint list and fill the data to sharepoint from outlook.

    Thanks in Advance.


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