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  • Hello forum,

    I'm implementing the Outlook Mobile Webservice. It appears to me a little problem. The guidelines for developing an Outlook Mobile Service ( says that there is a possibility to Add an Account in Outlook by using the following Url Protocol:

    Example: "oms:"

    The URL consists of the following:

    • Scheme ("oms:http://")

    • Server ("")

    • Path ("omsv3/xmsservice.asmx")

    • Query ("UserID=12910021012")

    My problem is that my WebserviceUri is "OutlookMobileService.ashx?Handler=OMS". Due to this the url example looks like this in my case:

    According to the guidelines Outlook creates a new OMS account. Testing it with the first example everthing works fine, but the other one has a problem. Outlook creates an account, but the account is not built correctly. 

    Of course, I know that this a wrong Url, because of the two question mark. Outlook thinks that the first question mark means that the Query part is beginning. So that's my point. Does anybody know how to cover the first question mark for Outlook? I even try this oms: But this neither work.

    Maybe it's impossible? But, I hope not.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Thanks for your help..
    Friday, September 25, 2009 9:03 PM


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