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    I'm creating client dll for virtual channel. And I got stuck in the beginning.

    HANDLE ClientHandle = NULL; CHANNEL_DEF pChannel[1]; CHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS SavedEntryPoints; PCHANNEL_INIT_EVENT_FN pChannelInitEventProc; BOOL VCAPITYPE VirtualChannelEntry(PCHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS pEntryPoints) { ofstream myfile; ("D:\\Projects\\bench_cli\\ConsoleApplication1\\Release\\example.txt"); myfile << "Writing this to a file.\n"; UINT retval1 = 0; ZeroMemory(&pChannel[0], sizeof(CHANNEL_DEF)); strcpy(pChannel[0].name, "Bench"); pChannel[0].options = CHANNEL_OPTION_ENCRYPT_RDP | CHANNEL_OPTION_COMPRESS_RDP; pChannelInitEventProc = VirtualChannelInitEvent; memcpy(&SavedEntryPoints, pEntryPoints, sizeof(CHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS)); myfile << " copied" << endl; // call VirtualChannelInit using the function pointer in // PCHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS myfile << "Initing" << endl; retval1 = pEntryPoints->pVirtualChannelInit (&ClientHandle, pChannel, 1, VIRTUAL_CHANNEL_VERSION_WIN2000, pChannelInitEventProc); myfile << " init" << endl; myfile.close(); return TRUE; }

    VOID VCAPITYPE VirtualChannelInitEvent( LPVOID pInitHandle, UINT event, LPVOID pData, UINT dataLength)




    On pEntryPoints->pVirtualChannelInit dll stucks, it doesn't return any error code, so I never get string "init" printed.

    Debugger show that addresses in pEntryPoints are like that:
    pVirtualChannelInit - 0x00000004

    pVirtualChannelOpen  - 0x0000ffff
    pVirtualChannelClose - 0x000000b8
    pVirtualChannelWrite - 0x00000000

    RDP session works after this. What am I doing wrong?

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016 4:45 PM

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