Please could you unseal EntitySet and EntityRef? RRS feed

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  • And make the properties and methods virtual of course.

    I've previously created a code-generation system that works in a remarkably similar way to the code-generation in Linq-to-Sql, a good example of convergent evolution. Much of it was written before the first Linq CTP was out, and it's been in commercial use for over a year now, very successfully.

    I've now left the company I wrote that for and I've set up on my own. I'm writing a new version of the system for my own company, and I'm basing it on Linq-to-Sql. Of course anyone can use Linq-to-Sql; my plan is to add a great deal of functionality that helps with writing apps. It's what I did with the previous system, and I now want to add even more.

    The previous system had its own equivalents of EntityRef and EntitySet, and I know from experience just how much additional functionality I was able to add by being able to change those classes. Locking them down in Link-to-Sql greatly limits the value we're able to add.

    I've fallen foul of sealed classes and non-virtual properties and methods in the Framework before, and it's very frustrating to be artificially limited in what we're able to do.

    So is there any chance that this will be done?


    Tuesday, January 23, 2007 12:50 AM