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  • Well, here we go.  We have some found behavior occuring with an old form library and workflow.  I'll do my best to describe the situation with the hope that some can offer some advice. We are still on a very basic single-server MOSS 07 environment.

    We have form driven process that has the following conditions and behaviors attached to it:

    If the amount is Less than $10...

    Set the Approval Status to Pre-Approved, notify someone via email and Stop the workflow.

    If however the amount is Greater than or Equal to $10...

    Assign an Approval Task and wait for completion before moving on.

    This workflow has worked without an issue for the past 4 years but recently it started 'Pre-Approving' a fair number of submissions that are coming in over $10. Quite often if I manually re-trigger the workflow it will then properly assign the approval task, but by then the damage is already done.

    At this time there are over 9000 documents saved in this form library and there are over 3000 running workflows associated with this library. This total is the sum of this Approval workflow and and Archival workflow that also runs for each of these documents.  Some of the archival workflows are showing a status of "Failed on Start (re-trying)" and many others are reported as 'Stoppec' because it failed to copy an item because a "List Item could not be found". This is preventing this workflow from copying and deleting this document from the library as it is designed to do.

    My suspicion is that we may be experiencing this due to performace issues associated with the size of this library and the workload on the workflow engine.  (For the record there are plenty of other workflows running in this site collection). I have read about the 2000 item limit/level in SharePoint but we did not start experiencing this behavior until this library had well over 8500 items in it.

    What are your thought?  Could the malfunction of this Approval Workflow be related to the size of the doc library and the number of workflows running in our environment.  I have heard that it is best to have the workflwo engine running on a seperate server.  Is that a recommendation for our pending environment upgrade?

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:15 PM