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  • I'm using VBA code in an Access report to manipulate an Excel instance, and that code works fine for refreshing the data in Excel (from a SQL stored procedure), but I've been unable to find any VBA code that will make the chart refresh. I've used something similar to the following, and can't find any VBA to make the chart refresh:

    gObjExcel.Workbooks("TissueSLGraph.xlsx").Connections("SoilTestStu").OLEDBConnection.CommandText = Array("EXEC dbo.TissueSLGraph @Yr = " & CStr(Me.Yr) & ", @FldNo = " & CStr(Me.FieldID) & ", @Crop = " & CStr(Me.TissueCropID) & "")



    For Each myChart In gObjExcel.ActiveSheet.ChartObjects



    'gObjExcel.Visible = True

    gObjExcel.ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate


    'gObjExcel.ActiveChart.FullSeriesCollection(2).Values = "=TissueSLGraph.xlsx!Diff"

    I can refresh the chart manually either by saving and reopening the spreadsheet or by clicking on a series and starting to edit the data location.  But no code I try will do it sucessfully

    I’m stumped, and consider the fact that the Chart.Refresh command does not work an Excel bug. Any help appreciated!

    Saturday, April 20, 2019 2:47 PM

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