Empty dataset.json file for ADF v2 custom activity RRS feed

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    I am porting a custom activity from ADF v1 to ADF v2 preview. I am trying to get access to the dataset (as described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/transform-data-using-dotnet-custom-activity), however the dataset.json file remains empty. (The linkedService.json file holds the correct information.)

    It looks like the referenceObject is incorrectly defined. Or is there a known bug on this?

    My ARM template for the custom activity is:

    "name": "[ concat( variables( 'adfName' ), '/XCopy-FTP-Export' ) ]",
    "type": "Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/pipelines",
    "dependsOn": [ "[ variables( 'adfName' ) ]", "AzureBatchLinkedService", "InputDataset-FTP-Export", "MiddleDataset-Blob-Export" ],
    "apiVersion": "2017-09-01-preview",
    "properties": {
      "description": "My custom activity",
      "activities": [{
    	"type": "Custom",
    	"name": "MyCustomActivity",
    	"linkedServiceName": {
    	  "referenceName": "AzureBatchLinkedService",
    	  "type": "LinkedServiceReference"
    	"typeProperties": {
    	  "command": "MyCopyActivity.exe",
    	  "folderPath": "MyCopy",
    	  "resourceLinkedService": {
    		"referenceName": "AzureStorageLinkedService",
    		"type": "LinkedServiceReference"
    	  "referenceObjects": {
    		"datasets": [{
    			"referenceName": "[ concat( variables( 'adfName' ), '/MiddleDataset-Blob-Export' ) ]",
    			"type": "DatasetReference"
    		"linkedServices": [{
    			"referenceName": "AzureStorageLinkedService",
    			"type": "LinkedServiceReference"



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    Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:07 PM