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  • GraphicsWindow.DrawBoundText(20, 20, GraphicsWindow.Width, showtime)

    Does the above argument, "GraphicsWindow.Width", get and return the default window width?

    If so does that mean that this object property is a assigned a default value, because if it wasn't then we would have to set it everytime we use the GraphicsWindow object otherwise the object wouldn't exist?

    Monday, January 14, 2013 10:18 AM


  • GraphicsWindow.Width is a read&write property of object GraphicsWindow.

    Properties are like internal variables for SB's class objects.

    When object GraphicsWindow is used for the 1st time, SB creates and displays its window.

    And of course, it uses many default values for all of its properties, not just Width & Height.

    Here's a simple example which stores default Height property in variable gh.

    And it uses that to change Title property, which displays 442 at the titlebar!  :D

    gh = GraphicsWindow.height
    GraphicsWindow.Title = gh

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