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  • I have an installation on a network which consists of win2012 server, and about 20 stations, mainly windows 10 with some 8.1.

    The role of the server is a plain file server, with the tables on a share and users have the exe installed locally and access the tables on server. And there are a few users that use RDP to just run the application on the terminal server. All works fine.

    We are considering to get a new server and have the same setup on the 2019 server.

    I read here and elsewhere of potential problems. I'd like anyone's feedback before we jump in. So any feedback except going SQL would be appreciated.

    Anything about oplocks / SMB / or any other issues to consider?

    Anyone here is actually using a setup similar to that successfully?

    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, November 15, 2019 3:45 PM


  • Hi Aleniko2,

    even if you can set the oplocks and SMB params in a way that the VFP tables don't get corrupted, M$ can and will change SMBs and oplocks behaviour again in the future just to make windows more secure and the time will come (if it hasn't already), that VFPs way to access its dbfs won't be accepted anymore.

    IMHO, switching all users to RDP and placing your tables on the RDP Server might be the best way to keep those problems away.

    BTW, pure RDP is what we did about 15 years ago. Well, including the switch to ODBC though. However, some DBFs still exist (pure read only) and have been unchanged since 2006 and they have never been a problem.


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