"JavaScript required to sign in" error




             When I try to sign in using 'Team test' I got message "JavaScript required to sign in" and in the response tab I found that the java script required to be run for sign in is disabled.  When I view in the VSTS help I come to know the class 'EnableScript' is yet to be implemented.

              Can't I enable the required java script?  Any other solution to sign in using this tool?


    Thursday, January 19, 2006 6:43 AM


  • I assume you're seeing that message in the web test result viewer?  Since the web test engine doesn't run javascript, we have javascript disabled in the web test result viewer.  This doesn't, by any means, mean you can't test sites that use javascript.  It does mean that javascript sites may not display correct in the Web Browser tab, despite having worked properly at the HTTP layer.

    I would suggest that you validate everything on the Request and Response tabs and ignore the Web Browser tab on pages that have a <noscript> section like it sounds like your login page does.


    Thursday, January 19, 2006 3:11 PM