Zooming a listbox with a single group (best way to trap events)


  • We have a problem where we'd like to use the baked-in SemanticZoom functionality, but SeZo assumes you have multiple groups in your list view ... in our situation we actually want to use the pinch/expand gestures to control the amount of metadata and the size of thumbnails as there is no real grouping available for the list.

    We tried using SeZo anyway to toggle between two listviews (one with the expanded and one with contracted metadata) and that threw exceptions and didn't let us do what we wanted - working as the documentation says it should so we can't complain I guess.

    Trying to implement code to react to pinch/expand gestures on the listbox has turned into an overly hacky effort and it's not as robust as we'd like to see

    see also this thread which has a similar issue in the C# world - it looks like we're not alone in trying to solve this problem...

    Friday, March 2, 2012 2:39 AM


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