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  • I have one excel file wherein i have alphanumeric data in cells A1:A85 & B1:B85. (In Sheet 1)

    I have another 85 sheets in the file. I want to pull data of A1 into D20 & data of B1 into E20 (In Sheet 2)

    I want to do these in all the 85 sheets in sequential order. i.e. Sheet 2 should pull data of A1 & B1(Sheet 1), whereas Sheet 3 should pull data of A2 & B2(From sheet 1), and Sheet 4 should should pull data of A3 & B3(from Sheet 1) and so on.

    Can you please help me with this?

    Thanks in advance.
    Friday, August 16, 2013 7:33 PM

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  • A simple loop should work well:

    For i = 1 to 85

    Worksheets(i+1).Cells("D20").Value = Worksheets(1).Cells(i,1).Value

    Worksheets(i+1).Cells("E20").Value = Worksheets(1).Cells(i,2).Value

    Next i

    Monday, August 19, 2013 8:20 PM