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  • My website was designed by my brother using EW.  He taught me a bit about editing it and I have been doing this on and off for a few years.  However it is not working that well now, some of the links don't work and I really need to re-do it and update it.  The reason it doesn't work so well is that I have edited it badly, not sure why or how and also all my files are very very very messy  My brother is great but not very helpful re this and just keeps hasseling me to try another web design (shop factory?).  I want to start again from scratch and do it all myself, but where do I start?   I want to stick with EW as I know it a little, and it is linked to my Roman cart.   Where is a good site to get tutorials?  And is this a good idea to start from scratch and re-design it or should I just try to sort it out from the actual site?  I need to change the header and footers as we have moved and some of them have my old phone numbers on.  Not sure really where to start.  I am not that technical so a lot of jargon gets me dizzy.  Is this the right place to post for help with understanding how to design and use EW?

    My website is www.thewashablenappy.co.uk  - was told to post this on the do's and don'ts page.

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    Sunday, January 9, 2011 10:22 PM

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  • If  you read the "Before Posting" you would have come across the learning resources list (as below).  Also, at the very top of the forum site, there's a link "Learn".  That would contain other resources also.

    The learning resources on the Before Posting thread:  recommended is the first link "By-Expression.com" containing a how-to tutorial - for beginners.

    Learning Resources and Reference Sites
    If you are new to EW, HTML, CSS, or are moving from FrontPage, here are links that are often posted in response to questions.
    Click the Learn tab at the top of this forum to access MS tutorials. We can't tutor you in HTML, CSS or EW basics.
    By-Expression.com Download the asset file; work through the Basic Website tutorial. More tutorials on HTML, CSS, & using EW; and a forum .
    w3schools Tutorials about HTML, CSS
    ASP.net Learn about this server-side technology.
    Maxdesign Tutorials that explain the workings of CSS
    A List Apart "From Pixels to Prose, Coding to Content"--all about web design.
    Ampsoft Web design  Web-safe fonts and font families and how they display.
    Position Is Everything Troubleshoot browser differences in rendering CSS
    456 Berea Street Tips on design, layout, CSS tricks and accessibility.
    Microsoft Expression Gallery Code snippets, web templates, graphics (also on the tab above)
    Frontpage Information  A must-read tutorial that will make your transition from FrontPage easier, especially updating an existing site. MS dropped support for FP Server Extensions in 2005 for Linux and 2006 for Windows. New versions of Windows Server cannot run them. Make the change now while you have time.
    Expression Web Tutorials.com
    Jim Cheshire's list of web resources   A great list of web resources.


    This forum can help, but it's not designed to give you intensive instruction; we can point you to the tutorials (such as those above) but it's up to you to use our advice as you see fit.


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    Sunday, January 9, 2011 10:39 PM
  • In the Resources section of the Before Posting post, start with the w3schools CSS and HTML/XHTML tutorials.  That's the alphabet of web design.  Then download and work along with Cheryl's tutorial at By-Expression.com on making a Basic Website.  That's how to work with that "alphabet".

    Watch Code View while you are working, even if you work primarily in Design View.  That way you'll become familar with what your page actually contains, not just what it looks like.  Invest a few hours with these resources, and things like figuring out why a link is broken will become trivial.

    Monday, January 10, 2011 12:35 AM
  • I would also give a couple of suggestions:

    1. Limit the site to the modern standard--960px (approximate). It's now set to 100% and is far too wide to read comfortably on a wide screen monitor (a common problem for sites that were designed on 17" monitors a few years ago, when wide screens were rare).
    2. Don't use centering for the body text; it's the devil to read. Use plain left-aligned style for highest readability (and--important for sales--comprehension). Centered is okay for a single-line heading, but not for body text.

    If you want to read about what makes a good design, etc., AListApart.com is a great read. Good, short articles.

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    Monday, January 10, 2011 4:14 AM