StreamSocket Disconnection handling in Universal app (Client) RRS feed

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  • Can anyone help with how to detect disconnections on StreamSocket in C# Universal App I am developing for WP8 and Store.

    I have already gone though various resources online and I do understand that in case of conditions like going out of WiFi range, switching off WiFi or other kinds of abrupt disconnections, I cannot rely on the read operation returning with a 0 length read.

    What I cannot understand is the fact that even when I try to write to StreamSocket during such a disconnection situation, I am not getting any exception.

    I am using the InputStream and OutputStream properties of StreamSocket directly for read and write. My write code is as follows

    Neither of these lines is throwing an exception. I also put handlers on the async operations and both operations have status Completed.

    So how do I detect disconnection. My custom binary messaging protocol includes a health check message which gets sent every 5 sec and the connection is reset when there is no response for 15 sec. What I expected is that there would be some sort of detectable failure when the write is done, but its not happening.

    As my client is sensitive to time, I need to be able to detect disconnections as and when it happens and initiate reconnection if required.

    Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:21 PM