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    I have made a client report (.rdlc) file that uses the IEnumerable data source available in VS 2010. The list of objects that I send into the report has properties that itself are "complex" objects. I refer to these complex objects from inside the report using e.g. the following syntax:

    =FormatPercent(Fields!InsuranceFee.Value.FundCost, 2)

    where InsuranceFee is a property of the InsuranceYield class whose objects the input list is populated with. FundCost is a simple decimal property of the InsuranceFee class.

    When using this syntax and running the report from inside VS 2010/Win 7 everything works fine and I get a decimal value for FundCost. Though when I run the exact same code from a Win 2008 R2 server that has the report redistributable 2010 package installed all I get is the #Error message in the report for all "complex" fields that access its properties through the "Fields!<Property>.Value.<Property>" syntax. The simple fields, e.g. the decimal field "Fields!<Property>" gets valid values.

    Is there a reason for this strange behaviour? Is it something that has to be installed on the web server (Win 2008 R2)? It seems really strange that it works in VS 2010 and not vice versa.

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    Tuesday, February 26, 2013 9:54 PM