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  • I want to upgrade my app from 8.0 to 8.1. As it is now my app works in snapped mode and fullscreen mode. Is it possible to just support these modes in 8.1 as well? I mean the user can decided the screen width so its larger then 320 but i will still just use the leftmost 320 (old snapped view). The rest will be an empty area...

    Will this be approved? Is it a requirement that it supports dynamic width?

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  • I cannot comment on if it will be approved or not. You'll have to read the certification guidelines.

    It certainly sounds like a lousy design though. You should reconsider and draw the page flexibly, even if it's just to use a ViewBox or a ScrollBar. Even "full screen" is not well defined: in Windows 8 it would be at least 1024 wide (for full screen / landscape), but could be significantly larger. As you note, it can be anything from 500 (or 320) on up in Windows 8.1.

    See Quickstart: Designing apps for different window sizes


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  • Full width it supports 100% so thats not a problem. The app has more then 100.000 downloads with good ratings so regarding functions and design it is doing well. I just want to release a new version compiled with Windows 8.1

    My issue is that do support dynamically design I need to implement a new style for this.

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