Convert from Straight Line Distance to Route Distance RRS feed

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  • I had a web developer implement Bing Maps API on my website.  Within the API, a total of 44 locations are defined with longitude/latitude parameters and a site visitor inputs their address to find which of these locations is nearest to them.  They then are given directions to this nearest location.

    The problem is that Bing Maps API determines which location is closest based on a straight line distance rather than a route distance.  Simply put, if there is no direct route between two locations, the straight line distance can be misleading, particularly if another location is accessible via a direct route.  That being said, is there some value within the API coding that defines this behavior or some other way to code the API to change the behavior so that route distance is used instead of straight line distance??

    Thanks ahead of time.

    Friday, January 24, 2014 7:04 AM