Why is InternetMessageId changed after initial creation (sometimes) RRS feed

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    We have an exchange integration in our .NET winforms application using the EWS API.
    Currently we store references to the exchange server by using the InternetMessageId of email messages and then we later display/find the message on the exchange server using that Id.

    However now we have run into a few cases where that InternetMessageId is changed on the server, after we have stored it. Does this make sense at all?

    I am speculating that this might be due to some sort of "clustering" setup where mail changes store or is just "queued" for sending so the Id we get when sending a new mail is just temporary. However this is pure speculation as I have been unable to find any information about this.

    So the questions I would like answered is:

    • Is this normal behavior or is the hosting provider doing something strange?
    • Is InternetMessageId the right property to use, or should I use something else? (In which what is that)

    Given that the change is normal behavior, is there a way to be notified about these changes for a given mailbox?

    Monday, April 29, 2013 9:40 AM


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