Closing gap between columns in report chart within their category grouping


  • I have a stacked column report that uses two category groups - the first is the organizational categories and the second is the month of activity. The data is reported on for the previous three months. Currently the report looks like this:

    The problem with this is that the organizational grouping (Categories A through E) are not visually obvious. I need the report to look like this:

    To be very clear, there are no series groups in this report, just the summed values and the two category groups. Does anyone know of a way that I can edit a property to set the column spacing separately for the two category groups so that the month category spacing is tighter than the org category spacing?


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  • Turns out this CAN be done! You insert a matrix into your report, create a column group, and select the category for which you want to group the results as that column's data (for example, in my case I selected the dataset field organization). Then set the column group to group on that value, and in another row, insert the bar chart and configure the sum values and categories as needed.

    Once that's done, you now have a single bar chart that populates dynamically using the grouping you selected for the column group. Here's an excellent link on how to do this:

    And here's a picture of my new bar graph:

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