BizTalk 2010 - Dealing with custom schemas based on X12.5 RRS feed

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  • We are an Ocean Carrier and have to setup an EDI solution as a matter of urgency due to pressure from our trading partner (Chrysler). I have no prior experience of BizTalk but as we are heavily MS based (and read the great reviews) I thought BizTalk would be our ideal solution.

    I have been playing for a few weeks now and done tutorials and read some books and setup test applications processing various X12_4010s messages, custom mapping, ports and translating them into various outputs (XML, flat files and SQL). I have to say I am finding it great fun and can't wait to get into some beefy work. I jumped into trying to bring in some test data from our Trading Partner.

    However, the sample data files I have been sent by our trading partner don't appear to be the standard they claim. They say they operate on the X12.5 standard, version 4010 using the ICS/ICE headers/trailers ( sample: ). I assumed all X12 documents used ISA/IEA headers/trailers?

    They have documentation that is available publicly ( ).

    I tried to search out the standard X12 4010 540 message but it seems to be 'Notice of Employment Status' and not a 'Haulaway Shuttle Transaction' as specified in their document.

    I assume this means their transaction set is somewhat bespoke? Can BizTalk handle these things? After playing and selecting various options in BizTalk for X12, it seems to reference ISA/IEA headers/trailers (parties, filters etc.). Can I change these or do I have to do some pre-processing work on data files before anything else?

    I assume this is probably a lot more complex than I originally assumed and will probably have to end up seeking external help ;)

    Thanks for your time and apologies now if I have placed this in the incorrect forums.

    Kind regards
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  • This is the right forum. One thing you might try is to just use a custom pipeline component to modify the header/trailer codes so it processes right. Like change the ISC to ISA, etc. Have the component execute in a custom pipeline and execute the EdiReceive component after the custom component.


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