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  • I'm a long term Windows developer with several years of WPF/Silverlight experience.  I just took a look at the "Programming Windows 8 Apps w/ HTML, CSS/ and JS" book and I'm very discouraged and somewhat confused the direction I want to take my development efforts.

    I created a Silverlight Win 8 app, nice and sweet.  I love XAML.

    I created a JavaScript Win 8 app, what a mess.  I hate HTML/CSS.

    But, I have to learn the new stuff, right?  Wait.....why in the world would I want to create a native JS Win8 app?  I want my tablet apps to be cross platform (iOS/Android/Win8).  Shouldn't I use something like Telerik ICE instead, assuming they will some day add Win 8 support?  There's also Telerik Kendo to take a close look at.

    Don't get me wrong.  When Windows Phone 7 launched I dove in head first, released a fee app (which cost me nearly $3000 to produce).  It did very well, but I stopped updating it because I decided I didn't want to pay another $100 to continue my membership at create.msdn.com for something I was giving away for free and only helping the growth of WP for MS.

    Now Windows Phone is dying, even the new release of WP 8 might get, what, 5% of the market share?  Silverlight is dying, and MS is asking that I learn a new method of building what I already know how to build in SL and MVC.

    Can a MVC4/HTML5/CSS3 app run as a native WinRT app?  NO?  Why?  Back the app with Azure services, the same way Telerik is building ICE.  Have a "Install Local" option similar to SL that simply launches IE in some sort of local app mode pointing to a url to retrieve its first page giving the impression of a locally installed application.

    Maybe that will be my first WinRT app.  An app that simply renders a MVC4/HTML5 web app as though it was a local WinRT app.  Interesting.  Then all future WinRT apps I write will simply be a MVC app that is also accessible from oh say, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, WP8, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera........


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  • "why in the world would I want to create a native JS Win8 app?" - if you don't want to it's fine, nobody is forcing you to use HTML and Javascript, as you already know there are other methods to write apps for Win 8.

    But a lot of other people want, me as well, because i'm a web developer and i learned how to create basic windows 8 apps in just few days because there isn't much to learn actually, it's just the standard HTML / Javascript, with additional Win8 libraries and hooks. So i personally love this whole new support for web languages in Win 8.

    So you are free to go straight to C# and XAML.

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