Windows 8 Developer perview, like every second windows operating system?


  • Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues as I have had.

    Install stalls at 97% 2X

    Stalles at 3% a few times

    Wont' even start installing a few times

    Tells me there are errors before I even get the option to install.

    Stalls at 96% several times.

    Tells me that it can't continue as it "Cannot install required files" and "Files are missing" from the ISO image.  It has not been burnt, so it can't be a burning error, and the hash checks out, so the ISO file is fine.

    Are we seeing another of microsofts famous "Every second operating system doesn't work right" already, right from the developer preview?  Is this what users are to expect out of windows 8?  Or am I doing something way wrong?

    I am installing using virtualbox, and have tried countless settings.  Telling it the OS is windows 8, other windows os, windows 7.

    Is this fixable, or another all so common "Known Issue" that microsoft likes to release there products with, developer preview, retail or otherwise?

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