Unable to Detele Storage from Resource Group


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    Azure customer @chandrikagole is having problems removing a storage account from a Resource Group even after removing any associated images and VM's. The customer is receiving "Failed to delete storage account 'portalvhdXXXXXXX'" and "Storage account has some active images and/or disks". The customer was unable to find any images/disks to delete.

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    Thursday, February 4, 2016 9:53 PM

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  • Hi Chandrika,

    Thanks for posting here.

    Check whether you have deleted the Azure Virtual Machine which you have created who's VMs are in that storage account. If you have deleted the Azure VM, go the DISKs in the Azure VM menu, there would OS / Data disks for the VMs which would be present although you have deleted the VM. Delete the VMs. 

    Then retry deleting the storage account.

    Resource Groups are not deleted even after you delete all the resources attached to a Resource Group. The idea behind this is, that you can reuse them without creating them from the scratch. However, you may try to use this powershell script that might help resolve your purpose.

    Also try the below steps using API.

    ARMClient ( with the following command (after using fiddler to figure out the resource id path of the os disks):

    armclient delete /subscriptions/{subscription-id}/resourceGroups/{resource-group-name}/providers/Microsoft.ClassicStor

    Hope this helps.

    Girish Prajwal

    Friday, February 5, 2016 1:14 PM