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  • Hi,

    I am new to .NET technology. I have to develop an ASP.NET application which displays a Map. I have to import addresses from excel sheet, calculate route, display pushpins for each address and display the map on the web site.

    In order to achieve this functionality I would like to use Bing Maps.But I don’t know which one would be the better option among “Bing Maps Ajax control, Bing Maps SOAP service, Bing Maps Rest service and Bing Spatial Data service”. If anyone could provide the reference documents or documentation or share the information on these different option that would be great!


    I have some knowledge about Map Point Web service. Is there any transaction/ Subscription fee for using Bing Maps like Map Point Web service? How to access the Bing Maps?


    Please help me to select the correct option for my requirement.


    Thanks in Advance,


    Monday, September 20, 2010 2:32 PM


  • Satwika,

    Each product has it's own uses for specific needs, so here's a rough outline of what you've listed to help you get started:

    Bing Map AJAX Control - client side javascript for displaying map and map interaction

    Bing Maps SOAP Service - server side interaction for displaying map, back-end geocoding and routing, getting static images.  Use if you need more control over geocoding/routing/imagery than what is provided out of the AJAX control.

    Bing Map REST service - lighter and faster version of the SOAP Service

    Bing Spatial Data Service - Batch geocoding process

    Mappoint Web Service - Older version of the Bing Maps SOAP Service (acts very similar) - you can start with an evaluation account which allows around 10,000 transactions/day and move to a contract/production when you need to.  Overall I'd just move to the Bing Maps REST Service or AJAX Control because the  functionality is very similar but data + performance is better.

    In short, just stick with the AJAX version, and then use the REST service when there's some specific geocoding/imagery needs that you have.

    Hope that helps,

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010 10:21 PM