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    Hi All,

    Our company is selling medical supplies, we have a website that we sell our products online. We are working with suppliers, who sends products to our customers when we receive new order. Currently we are handle this manually. We receive order in our website and phone / fax / email order to product supplier, they sends products to customer, and notify to us with shipping information and we notify customer.

    This process is getting hard to handle lately. We are not using any B2B solution so far, but we need implement an EDI solution now. Our biggest supplier is using EDI standarts.

    I'm experienced .net c# developer but i have no experience on Biztalk nor EDI. We have decided to use BizTalk 2013, i was able to install BizTalk 2013 and i'm stuck now, i need some assistance.

    Our partner sent a document about AS2 Trading Partner Setup and some certificates for both production and test enviroment. There are some information in this document;
    AS2 Identifier and URL
    MDN: SHA1
    Encryption Algorithm: Triple DES
    MDN Delivery Type (Synchronous/Asynchronous): Synchronous  (Asynchronous also supported)
    Request Signed Receipt: Yes
    Software: Cyclone Interchange
    Payload Security Type (e.g., Signed, SignedAndEncrypted, etc.): SignedAndEncrypted

    I read the tutorial below and try to integrate our solution

    - Create Visual Studio Project that contains X12 850 document schema and deploy it. 
    - Created one way receive port to receive edi document we create.
    - Install the certificate to Local computer > Other people
    - Created static solicit-response send port to send edi document to our partner and select the certificate for encrypt message.
    - Created parties for us and for our partner.
    - Created agreement between us and our partner. Select AS2 for protocol. I did following changes in "Us > Our Partner" tab.
      In Acknowledgements(MDNs) page, i selected Process inbound MDN into MessageBox for routing/delivery options and Request MDN boxes.
      In Validation page i selected Message should be encrypted and DES3.
      In Send Ports i selected port that i created.

    Now when i copy file to receive port i created, BizTalk gives an error like this:

    The AS2 Decoder encountered an exception during processing.  Details of the message and exception are as follows:  AS2-From:"" AS2-To:"" MessageID:"" MessageType: "unknown" Exception:"An AS2 message was received that did not contain the AS2-From header."

    My test EDI document looks like (I tried with header information like this, and just plain EDI, results are same)

    Mime-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    AS2-From: ZZUS
    AS2-To: ZZTHEM
    AS2-Version: 1.0
    Message-ID: AS2Message-001
    ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*US      *ZZ*THEM        *130530*1244*U*00401*00001234*0*P*:
    N3*6719 THEALL RD STE B
    PER*ZZ*No Contact specified

    Btw, i'm creating document by c# code, is there any easy way BizTalk provides to create/read X12 documents like this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Friday, June 7, 2013 7:33 PM


  • Looks like you are doing pretty well figuring all of this out!

    The As2EdiReceive pipeline can read the AS2 payload. Usually you would use the HTTP adapter to receive the messages. This article helps with explaining the receive side components:

    On the send side I would look at this page:

    I am confused about your error. It appears this is for when you are receiving the AS2 message. Are you working with a VAN or AS2 directly from your partners? I would try to get a trace from your partner about what was sent and see if they are sending the AS2-From header.


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