Blend 4 - Packaging Issue of the SketchFlow Project: white screen when its run RRS feed

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  • Hi everbody,


    I am creating a set of mockup with SketchFlow Expression Blend SP1 running on a windows 7 pc.

    This is a silverlight project, when I run the project everything is fine. That open my browser and work well, but when I package the project that generate only 4 files (1 aspc, 1 html, 1 xap and the favicon) and no matter the browser, when I launch it this is a white screen and even the favicon is not loaded.

    Do you have any answer?

    I am really embarass by this issue ... I cannot deliver my customer ... I will have to do it as usual static on a powerpoint ...


    Thank you very much, I haven't find any other topic dealing with specific issue which is on the browser side I guess.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 9:39 AM

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  • To be sure it isn't the files being produced by the package command, build your project in Blend (Ctrl - shift - b or F5 to build/run). Right click your project in the project pane and select open in windows explorer. Select the .html and .xap file, and copy those where you want to use them. This should be identical to what is packaged by that command however.

    The other possible difference is that when you press F5 to run inside Blend, it gets hosted by a built in web server in Blend, if you load the .html file from explorer it is getting loaded as a file (you can see the different in the address bar, http://localhost:someport/Default.html vs c:\my\user\path\Default.html). There may be different security settings/permissions in these different zones.

    Do you have a webserver you can host the files on? If so, copy the files produced by the package command to a webserver and try launching it from there.


    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1:14 PM