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  • WSS newb here looking for the best way to accomplish management of shared messages. The objective is to have a place, preferrably accessible within Outlook or the internal site, where inbound messages from outside the organization can be delivered. After they are delivered, the "inbox" should show who replied/forwarded/read the message according to their AD name.

    We're currently working with an SBS 2008 Std box. My first thought was to just create another user and manipulate the permissions to allow users to manage/"send on behalf of" the shared inbox. My thoughts then turned to doing this with a mail-enabled public folder. I figured the best way would somehow be to use sharepoint. The current status of the internal site is barely above the defaults. I'm getting ready to add some calendars and shared contacts lists, but other than that, it's pretty bare. The expected contents of the messages are information and occasionally photos. Currently, the photos@domain.com emails are kept in their entirety, photos also saved off to a network fileshare, and the information in the email along with the photo are uploaded into a proprietary web portal hosted off-site.

    If I cannot get a good way to do it with WSS soon, I'll probably just opt for creating a new generic user within Exchange and manipulating the permissions. I don't want to do it this way because I think I'll miss out on the tracking (who did what with what and when) and the message will just show up as read or forwarded by photos@domain.com

    What would be your recommendation for using WSS to accomplish this (or just use Exchange)? Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, May 6, 2012 12:37 AM


  • Hello,

    Just some facts I observed while using sharepoint 2007 library as an email repository.

    1. An email with attachment of around 10 MB (Approx) not delivering to the library.

    2. External emails not delivering to the library (Maybe some server mailbox setting or it was kept on purpose previously)

    3. Delay in delivering emails to library because sharepoint works on timer tjob.

    4. If timer job fails, email stuck in server drop-box and need to send it forcefully to mailboxes.

    So my suggestion would be not to go with sharepoint for emails unless if you want to use sharepoint library as archive.

    Hope this helps,

    -Regards, Rohan Chittyal --------------------------------------------------------------

    Monday, May 7, 2012 3:10 AM