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  • I have taken advantage of the $39 upgrade to Windows 8 and am really happy I did.  I couldn't find anything in the Microsoft area that told me how to take advantage of the new operating system.  So I started doing searches on the Internet.  What I found really opened my eyes.  I find Windows 8 a major advancement in the string of Windows releases.  

    For those people that are using the OS as they have in the past, the Start Screen is something I have wanted for a long time.  I can organize the pointers to applications as I want.  I got rid of all those boxes that I don't use and created shortcuts for those applications that weren't supplied.  I put labels on the groups of boxes.  I now launch all my programs directly from the Start Screen.  I added some items from the Control Panel that I often use so I don't have to go fine them.  

    Windows 8 is faster and more robust that Windows 7 which was faster and more robust than Vista.  

    Now my point.  I don't find anything in your advertising that really addresses that.  Your advertising only addresses the tablet.  Nothing more.  You have no special process that teaches the user how to take advantage of the Start Screen.  You have a fantastic product and it will fail unless you start teaching your new purchasers how to use it.  I did find something in the Help, but it was written in the modern help lingo that really tells me nothing.

    Yesterday, I spent an hour with a college student, who had purchased her new laptop two months ago, and instructed her how to use the Start Screen.  I put a pointer in the Windows Explorer that points to the Start Screen so she could find it and add her own Start Screen items.   I use shortcuts that point to a program and to the file I want opened.  She was so frustrated and ready to give up on her new laptop, but it all changed when I showed her how to take advantage of the new Start Screen.

    I am a computer professional and had the knowledge to go find this information.  Most of your users don't have this kind of knowledge.

    Someone at Microsoft has really messed up and unless this is addressed, Windows 8 is headed for a big bust.  You need very explicit training in:

    1.  Pointer to the Start Screen so shortcuts can be added.

    2.  Show how to use the point in the lower right corner so groups of Start Screen items can be give Names.

    3.  How to move things around on the Start Screen so they can be grouped and sorted.

    4.  How to remove things from the Start Screen, but replace them by going to the All Apps screen.

    5.  How to put a shortcut on the screen for Restart and for Shutdown.  Your restart and shutdown normal method is a longer process than Windows 7.

    6.  How to create a shortcut for any application that does not automatically create a box on the Start Screen.  Show how to create a shortcut to open a word document that has high usage, or open a file for another application that has high usage.

    This training set of instructions must go overboard to be simple and complete.  Do not write it in the modern Help lingo.  Give step by step instructions, what to type and where.  Give screen grabs as needed.

    Friday, January 11, 2013 10:49 PM

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