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  • Hi,

    We have a plugin on Outlook 2013 which auto-Deletes mails from user mailbox after 90 days and moves directly to Purges folder.

    Is its possible to restore mails from Purges folder to original folders in user's mailbox using EWS.

    I am looking for functionality the way its is in Deleted Items. In Deleted Items, you can restore the items to the original folders.

    I want to achieve the same from Purges folder.

    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 4:32 PM

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  • Hello ,

    i am not well familiar with the EWS query , but to have the items deleted from the dumpster to move on to the purges folder then we need to have the single item recovery feature enabled on the exchange mailbox .

    Thanks & Regards S.Nithyanandham

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 4:39 PM
  • Thanks for the reply.

    The query is regarding moving back from purges folder and not to purges folder.

    As I mentioned, we have an outlook add-in which delete mails and directly moves them to Purges folder based on certain condition.

    EWS APIs can be used to programmatically retrieve mails from purges folder. The problem is, I dont know the source folder from which it was deleted. eg. Assume I have a Technet folder under Inbox. Now add-in deletes mails from this folder to Purges folder. So I want to know if there is any mail (extended) property which can help to know that the mail was deleted from Technet folder, so that I can move it directly to it.

    Let me know if this explanation helps.

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 4:54 PM
  • Hello , 

    Not sure if it helps , If you enable the mailbox auditing on the exchange mailbox then we can track from which inbox folder those emails are deleted before it get in to the dumpster .

    But i thought on the purges folder itself we don't have the option to track the original mailbox folders names of the deleted mails that present on the dumpster .

    Thanks & Regards S.Nithyanandham

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 5:15 PM
  • That could prove helpful, but right now auditing is turned off.

    Using Outlook Spy, I found that PR_PARENT_DISPLAY_W tracks parent folder name for items in Deleted Items. When I used it to get items from Purges folder, it always returned 'Purges'.

    So I am not sure if there is no way to identify the parent folder location, once item moves to Purges :(


    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 5:26 PM