can controls in reportviewer be accessed programatically? RRS feed

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  • hello all

    i have to make a report using the report viewer in local mode. i need to display some groups of controls for example grup1, group 2, grup 3, group 4. all of them cotain several textboxes. thing is that i want to be able to hide the group for which i don't have data. usually i have data only for 2 group out of 4. so i want to hide the groups which don't have data and above that i want to be able to arrange the other groups accordingly. in the maximum form i have 4 visible and in the minimum i have 2. they are placed 2 by two rows like below.

    group 1 group 2
    group 3 group 4

    group 1 and 2 usually have data and from time to time 3 and 4. i can hide easily the group 3 or 4. but if i hide 3 then there is a space in the left side. i'd like to move the grup 4 in the place of group 3 when grup 3 is empty. i wonder if i can programmatically set the coordinates of one control because i don't seem to find documentation about it. anybody has any idea how to control the position programmatically or has any idea on how i could achieve what i described?
    Monday, October 29, 2007 8:47 AM