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  • I am trying to do the same, any luck?
    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 1:47 AM
  • I talked to Paylocity about a year ago and there answer was they only support OneLogin and OTKA.  Now Paylocity did have a template app in Azure but it was for Password based SSO.  They have recently deleted it from the gallery.  The good news is Paylocity has partnered with Microsoft for Flow and Logic Apps.  Maybe will get lucky and they will partner with them for Azure AD.  If anyone else finds a solution I will be interested as well.
    Thursday, August 24, 2017 10:34 PM
  • Onelogin reports the SSO connection now uses SAML instead of a form based (password based) SSO.  So I'm going to try and call them this week and see if this can be configured in Azure AD.  Based on the directions supplied by Onelogin I don't see anything stopping an Azure AD Federation.

    Go to the Configuration tab and enter your Paylocity PartnerID, Entity and SAML Issuer URL.  The PartnerID and Entity are provided by Paylocity.  The SAML Issuer is found in the SSO tab just a few tabs to the right of the Configuration tab inside of OneLogin.

    Go to the Parameters tab and map Paylocity attributes to OneLogin attributes.

    Ensure that Credentials are Configured by admin.

    Ensure that the Paylocity fields NameID and PaylocityUser are set to the value you use to log into Paylocity.   

    Click Save if you made any changes on the Parameters tab.

    Go to More Actions > Download SAML Metadata to configure your Paylocity account with OneLogin's SAML settings.  Email Paylocity Support and request they enable SAML for your account.  Attach the metadata downloaded from the More Actions drop down.

    On the OneLogin Access tab, assign the OneLogin roles that should have access to Paylocity and provide any app security policy that you want to apply to Paylocity.

    You can also go to Users > All Users to add the app to individual user accounts.

    Click Save.

    Test the SAML connection.

    Ensure that you have user accounts in both OneLogin and Paylocity that use the same value as the username.

    You can create a test user, or you can use your own account if you choose.

    Make sure you are logged out of Paylocity.

    Log in to OneLogin as the test user.

    Click the Paylocity icon on your OneLogin dashboard.

    If you are able to access Paylocity without error, then SAML works.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017 5:12 AM