Trusted location issue RRS feed

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  • When our agency first began distributing .NET solutions they were for the most part desktop deployments with a handful deployed from Novell servers. In the case of server based desktop solutions we manually trusted solutions using a command line caspol parameter based script. This worked fine until recently when I was assisting a developer writing a Wise MSI setup. To my surprise several computers could run the .NET solution from a network (Novell) server without permissions being set.


    I did run caspol using the list option and could not find any references to the server in question which has the .NET solution on it.


    With that said I am at a lose how a server based desktop solution can run untrusted on some computers while others require caspol script to run to provide permissions. Since this does not make sense I asked my network people if they did anything to globally trust solutions on a specific server and they said no.


    Any thoughts?



    Dev environment: VS2008, 3.5 Framwork

    User environment: Windows XP/Novell

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010 4:47 PM