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  • Hi, How can I make the following linq query?

    string[] x = {3,5,7}

    entidad.Areas.Where(d => d.Idarea "is inside x").ToList()

    .ForEach(d => d.SetRowState(EntityState.Deleted));

    I need the filter if Idarea is inside the string array x


    Monday, July 18, 2011 9:01 PM


  • string[] x = {3, 5, 7}
    var areas = from area entidad.Areas
             where x.Contains(d.Idarea)
             select area;
    foreach (Area area in areas)

    I would go with something like this. You could do the same thing using the syntax you have if you want, but I tend to prefer writing out the LINQ query instead of calling the methods directly. Also, you don't need to call ToList() - just use the foreach loop.

    You'll also need to replace Area in the foreach loop with the actual type of an item from the entidad.Areas collection.


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