Server 2012/2016 NIC teaming (Layer2) & Multiple VLANs support RRS feed

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  • Two separate microsoft hosted documents: Windows Server 2016 NIC and Switch Embedded Teaming User Guide and Windows Server 2012 R2 NIC Teaming User Guide



    Both state:  

    NIC teaming is a layer 2 feature, meaning that all NICs in the team must be connected to the
    same subnet.  In other words, there must always be a path to get from
    any NIC in the team to any other NIC in the team going only through layer 2
    switches and not any layer 3 entities (e.g. routers).  Administrators should check the physical
    layout and ensure that all NICs in the team are on the same subnet to avoid
    connectivity problems.

    If switch ports are configured as access ports (ie 1 default vlan), i understand that both ports/nics in the team must be configured to be in the same network, in the same subnet.

    BUT what if the switch ports are configured as tagged/trunk ports?  In this situation, there is no configuration per NIC (only the teaming protocol) AND where i configure vlan interfaces on the team, there will be multiple subnets, which cannot be accessed from one another without a router.

    Could someone clarify what the original statement means?  I suspect that where there are no vlans (ie access port), both ports should be on the same subnet.  Where there are multiple vlans, all vlans must be on all ports in the team?

    Many Thanks 

    Friday, February 16, 2018 11:03 AM