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    Windows Communication Foundation seems to be the Next Big Thing from Microsoft.

    It seems to be a broad new platform for development of software as services, rather than desktop or web applications.


    MSRS seems to share some of the same message-passing ideas.  Is there a coordinated effort to between the two development teams to have MSRS work with WCF, or are they simply similar plaforms, going their own way?


    As an exercise using a real-world problem, I a developing a new application in .NET to replace a small older one which controls a high-speed vision system which runs on Windows 2003, managed by another application in Windows 2003 which a supplier of data to an enterprise application on an AIX server and Oracle, written in ANSI C++ and PL/SQL. 


    At the same time, I playing with WCF to see how it would provide the same solution as the middle piece.


    Now I am trying to see how well MSRS could handle the vision system, and how it would tie into the WCF service application.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007 4:20 PM


  • DSS and WCF have some similarities and are going their own way because they currently address different markets. There is  some overlap though and people find that DSS can be used in many non robotics areas.


    People have and are welcome to continue using either technology together or to solve different problems seperately. We have a very different model in terms of protocols and what it means to have an application built out of services with a known state driven model. We also have a concurrency runtime and programming model (which btw we are working with core MS teams so its integrated and re-used across our products). Our runtime has some very different mechanisms in terms of how your coordinate between services, deal with partial failure, concurrency, etc


    Note that people have applied MSRS for vision based systems (across multiple computers) already. The Darpa Urban grand challenge team from princeton uses MSRS and we have commercial partners with vision services using MSRS as well.




    Friday, September 14, 2007 9:38 PM