How to get Web Service result at receive port in Biztalk Server 2006 RRS feed

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    Hi All.

    I am working on solution where my requirment is to get data set from web service and give this data set to receive port of orchestration ..then send invidual record of data set to again a web service so that it can update form library in MOSS 2007..my query is will it be possible to have webservice at input receive port..and how can i invoke that webservice which is at input receive port..




    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 7:26 AM


  • Hi,


    A couple of issues may make this challenging...


    Firstly, BizTalk Server does not have a receive adapter that can poll a web service to get data. An orchestration can call a web service, but the orchestration needs to be running to do so. You may ba able to trigger an orchestration to call a service, but you will need some way of doing this.


    Secondly, i seem to remember (though i may be wrong) that calling web services that return untyped DataSets. If this is the case then you may run into issued when consuming. You could test this by using one of the WCF adapters (these are better to use than the SOAP adapters) to add a reference to the service.







    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 11:14 AM