Installed 2016 RTM and installed 2016 RC - Update keeps trying to install KB3210111


  • I had installed 2016 RTM a long time ago and then later upgraded to 2016 RC (Express). I then uninstalled annything I wasn't using left over from 2016 RTM.  I've also updated to CU1, 2 and currently 3.  Windows 10 keeps trying to install KB3210111 and failing. Per KB3210111's documentation this is a critical update if you ever had 2016 RTM installed.  I then downloaded KB3210111 and ran KB3210111.  Eventually I got to a screen to pick instances / features to upgrade.  There was nothing selectable because I had already upgraded my Express instance or uninstalled the features I wasn't using.  Is there a way to stop Windows Update from trying to install this patch?
    Friday, April 7, 2017 2:17 PM