Matrix Report not collapsing RRS feed

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    Hi - I have a matrix report, which has 3 levels:






    The detail fields are 'InAdherence' and 'TotalSchedAdherence'.


    The Mu_Name and AgentName both have their Initial Visibility set to Hidden, Initial Appearance set to Collapsed, and the Visibility can be toggled box, checked.


    When I view the report initially, it is fine - it lists each ClientDesk - with a summary of InAdherence and TotalSchedAdherence showing for each ClientDesk.


    When I expand ClientDesk however, rather than now seeing a summary by ClientDesk, it has an extra column of whitespace - and it lists the detail fields of each AgentName - even although the AgentName hasn't been shown (by selecing Mu_Name + sign).


    When I do click on the Mu_Name + sign, all of the AgentName's appear, in the white space - clicking the Mu_Name - sign again, doesn't shrink the screen, but instead just replaces all of the AgentName's with white space again.


    Is there something obvious that I'm missing?


    Thanks for any help,



    Thursday, December 20, 2007 12:37 PM