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    I recently was thinking about the limitations and possible improvements for Windows and Windows Phone applications. If some of features in my wishlist are already available then please post link to some tutorial or documentation.

    Here is my wishlist:

    - Background capable apps. Why just not ask the user if he want to run some app in background and also provide some Task manager which allow user to manage what app should be now stopped, to make more available resources to other apps and not drain battery. I'm know that all store applications tend to not drain battery. But if developer will create apps such as media converter, media player from scratch, some type of network clients such as torrent clients then user must to run applications in foreground and wait while operation will be performed instead of doing something interesting or just lock the device.

    - Background services. Like background tasks but with custom implementation and have low cpu priority and low RAM available(for example 20 mb). Can communicate with other apps.

    - Support of syntax highlighting, intellisense and maybe even debug of assembler code inside VS. Currently VS have tools such as armasm which can compile working THUMB code for ARM devices. But if you want to build, link and rebuild on updates such code together with your application then you must to create custom build tool. The question here is: "Why developer not have buil-in tools to do that?". And even if you will create such build tool then you will be not able(or I'm don't know how to do it) to debug such source files. And of course no highlighting, no intellisense is available which can highly help to develop in asm. Also you can ask "Why I need to use asm when I have intrinsic functions?" and my answer will be "Because it's faster(up to 2x) and much more predicatable(because I have no guarantee that compiler will generate better code than I can write by hands or code that is already exists) than intrinsics.".

    - Built-in support for different syntaxes of assembler for VS. For example YASM, GAS(GNU Assembler). Many native libraries have optimized asm code written in different syntaxes and if(I think with a high probability) VS not support such syntax then if you can rewrite that code or if you can't use slower code and this maybe will be bad for user experience and for battery life.

    - Built-in computing frameworks such as OpenCL or DirectCompute. Some of native frameworks have OpenCL optimized code but Windows and Windows Phone developers can't use it . Also sometimes application need to implement some optimizations or some logic that will be much better to do on GPU which in result can improve user experience and battery life.

    - More available native API's such as winsock, pthread. This is also connected with already created native frameworks and many of them have support of this api's but VS don't support it. I can give you some example: store apps don't have support of CreateThread method but you can find or create code that emulates it and here the question arises "Why developer must do it? This function have been used in so many frameworks and applications for many years and now I need to rewrite it !?"

    - More available functions from Win32 API. As previous feature this can do life of developer easier and applications on Windows and Windows Phone better. Also such features as dynamic code generation (which is used by LuaJIT) will be nice to have.

    Friday, September 5, 2014 9:20 AM

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